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Company profile

In 1986, industry veterans Jeff Byers and Tom Krohn founded TagTeam Film & Video, Inc.From the beginning, our simple goal was to provide comprehensive video production services by combining our respective talents, applying the right tools, and serving great clients.

Since we never intended to become a major employer, we augment our core staff with the best of the local freelance community. However we do think it’s important to have as many of our tools under our control as possible to help ensure quality and availability. To that end, we own a substantial amount of production equipment, including three complete camera packages, two lighting/grip vehicles and much more. We also offer post-production services through our sister company, Broad Daylight. Broad Daylight offers three non-linear edit suites, 2D and 3D graphics production and an audio recording/sweetening facility.

Our clients include: General Mills, Dateline NBC, Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, ABC, ESPN, and many other broadcast, corporate and independent producers. TagTeam has experience in a wide variety of production formats. Whether it’s standard definition or high definition, single or multi-camera, a video news release or a network news magazine, a 30-second broadcast commercial or a 30-minute corporate training piece, we have the right team and the right tools to help you achieve your communication objectives.

TagTeam trivia
Most exotic location:  Bio Bio River, Chile (World Monitor News, 1991)
Most harrowing location:  Dangling from a helicopter (KSTP-TV, 1984)
Most challenging shooting conditions:  Paris bridge in a snowstorm (Dateline, 2005)
Most tears shed on a shoot:  Mistaken Identity (Dateline, 2008)
Most laughs stifled on the set: BB, the Belligerent Beagle (Best Buy 2007)
Most celebrity sightings: Tom Hanks/Paul Newman/Katie Couric (Dateline, 2002)
Most religious experience:  Interviewing Brett Favre at Lambeau (ABC, 2003)

Tom Krohn
A Camera Guy Who Can Really Cook!

Tom is an award-winning photographer with more than 35 years behind the camera. His production credits cover the full spectrum, from 30-second commercials to a feature length independent film, from corporate communications to network news magazines. Tom has crisscrossed North America and traveled internationally to Saudi Arabia, Chile and France, while shooting on everything from 16mm film to HD video.  In addition to camera operating, Tom does all his own lighting.  Prior to joining TagTeam, Tom worked at KSTP-TV in Minneapolis and KDLH in Duluth where he attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Tom’s knack for creating artistic masterpieces extends into the kitchen as well.  He is a master chef, often preparing elaborate dishes for family, friends - and, if you’re lucky, clients.  

TagTeam Trivia
Tom’s favorite piece of video equipment: Chroma du Monde camera set-up chart
Tom’s favorite piece of kitchen equipment: Chef’s Choice knife sharpener
Tom’s all-time favorite shooting location: Anywhere in Alaska
Tom’s all-time favorite restaurants:  Cecil’s Deli in St.Paul, Deluxe Coney Island in Duluth
Tom’s most memorable video project: 9/11 coverage for NBC News in 2001
Tom’s most memorable meal: Outdoor lunch featuring whole roast goat in Saudi Arabia (most memorable, not most delicious)
Convergence of Tom’s work and play: Names equipment cases after herbs and spices
Tom’s greatest production: Daughter Katie

Jeff Byers
Jack of all Trades with all the Right Tools

Jeff is the utility player in the video production line-up, serving in a variety of pre-production, location audio, camera operator, equipment maintenance and company management functions. Prior to launching TagTeam in 1986, Jeff worked at KSTP-TV in Minneapolis/St. Paul for seven years. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1978 with a degree in video production. 

Video production suits Jeff’s penchant for figuring out how things work – and how to make them work better. In his spare time, he likes to take apart small appliances and put them back together. This includes his small sports car (a 1960 TR-3A) and small sailboat (a 18-foot vessel aptly named Byers Remorse). 

TagTeam trivia
Jeff’s favorite piece of video production equipment:  iPhone
Jeff’s favorite power tool:  Milwaukee V28 Sawzall w/28volt Lithium Ion battery
Jeff’s all-time favorite shooting location: An only-accessible-by-float-plane Alaskan lake
Jeff’s all-time favorite sailing location:  St. Maarten, N.A.
Convergence of Jeff’s work and play: Sailing on Lake Minnetonka for Corporate Video
Jeff’s greatest productions:  Son Alex and daughter Amy